Welcome to Sierra Leone Canary Island Partnership


Welcome to Sierra Leone Canary Island Partnership

Sierra Leone Canary Island Partnership

Our office is based in Canary Island. Go to the language bar and select language that you are comfortable with.

We are based in Tenerife, Canary Island

Why Sierra Leone Canary Island Partnership?

Sierra Leone Canary Island Partnership is an assistance provided by officials to citizens of that country who are travelling, living or working abroad. These services range broadly from the provision of travel advice and advisories to enable citizens to make safe and responsible travel decisions to providing direct service to citizens abroad who require a stolen passport to be replaced, assistance with the repatriation of remains of a loved one overseas, evacuation during a crisis event, etc.

With more and more citizens moving around the globe, governments are faced with an increasing number in demands with respect to consular services, consequently encountering an important challenge not only concerning various, sometimes complex, consular cases, but also the issue of ‘demand and supply’; how to respond to these consular cases with a limited number of resources. In this light, governments benefit from dialogue and cooperation with their counterparts (other governments facing similar challenges as they do) as well as public/private partnerships for the sharing of best practices and innovative approaches to increase effectiveness when responding to these cases.


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